during the day we specialize in
internet-based digital publishing systems
for local marketing automation

since 1996 we've also been
involved with internet connectivity
from dial-up, colocation to community wireless
niche, shared web hosting and persistent Zope
and general unix / internet / web consulting

we use a mix of:
perl, php, python, javascript, scala, c
erlang, java, objective-c, applescript
html, css, boostrap, backbone
postgresql, mysql, apache couchdb
apache httpd, nginx
linux, bsd, osx, salt, zeromq, nagios
imagemagick, ghostscript, git
pdf, ps, texlive-xelatex

and the standard cast of open-source
tools (gnu, apache, bsd) and
industry-specifics (adobe, fontlab)

but at night we plot
to take over the earth.
the soil, tha' is.

we're currently pursuing
low-cost, low-impact
small-scale pilot projects
that maximize solar income
and minimize wasted resources

from the oxford neighborhood of rva
we're engaging neighbors and
local businesses interested in
sharing space & compost for food

we aim to (re)use:
vermi/composting, hugelkultur and biochar
outdoor/indoor hydroponics & aquaponics
solar thermal and electric systems
alternative fuels, co-housing

and other ideas from
permaculture, ecological design
living machines & mycorestoration

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